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2016sep04_sue_tony-265September 4, 2016 Suellen and Tony were married at Carmens Banquet Center. The wedding was 12 hours in length starting from a downtown Hamilton hotel for Suellen and the girls and from a home in Burlington for Tony and the guys. This wedding required 2 photographers and while I photographed the girls getting ready my second photographer Christine photographed the guys.

Then it was on to Dundurn Castle to do all the photo shoots prior to the actual ceremony at Carmens. The day could not have been better, it was partly sunny and cool. At Dundurn Castle it was decided to do a reveal with Suellen and Tony. Each of them waited on each side of a park structure waiting in anticipation of seeing one another. As you can appreciate the emotions run high knowing the person you are marrying is on the other side of the wall!

As a wedding photographer this is one of the most important shots you cannot miss, the tears, joy, love and excitement all shown within a few seconds. The bridal party went wild when they embraced one another. As a wedding photographer you are also hit with delayed emotion after you have captured the shots. This is one reason why I love what I do and am grateful to be trusted as a part of theirs lives together.

Then it was off to do all the family photos, relatives from England and Africa attended this wedding and lots of friends, co-workers. As I mentioned the ceremony was at Carmens Banquet Center in Hamilton. One of the highlights of the evening were the African dancers,. They were incredible and had everyone in the room up on their feet dancing to the African drums.


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  • September 29, 2016

Hamilton Portrait and Wedding Photography | Oz Photography

wedding_real_costWe all know the costs of living are rising, from taxes to electricity and more. Planning your wedding is very time consuming trying to fit everything you want into your budget. Experienced wedding photographers recognize all the work that goes into your wedding. This is why it’s very important for me as a wedding photographer to understand this. This is your special day and sweat and tears went into planning your day. There are many costs associated with planning a wedding and costs for everything run the gamut.

Sometimes the most expensive package does not mean you get the best service or product and the reverse is true as well. I always get asked what the costs are for the average wedding and again quite frankly the costs are all over the map depending on the simplicity or extravagance of the wedding day. What I can tell you is that photography is only a very small part of the overall costs. It is by far not the most expensive cost. Investing in a talented wedding photographer will provide you with a lifetime of memories when all the other services and products purchased are long gone.

I would strongly advise you not to scrimp on your wedding photographer. I support the do-it-yourself wedding and doing as much as you can, but as I have mentioned your photographs should be considered a treasure forever and should be left to an expert. The Knot who conducted a U.S. survey of 16,000 brides in 2014 shows the average costs of a wedding.


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Hamilton Portrait and Wedding Photographer | Oz Photography

2016Mar06_Sue_Tony-61Sue and Tony, well what can I say they are the most likable couple I have met. It was a treat to take their photos on a cold and windy day down at Spencer Smith Park in Burlington. It was high noon and the ducks and swans were out in full force. Snow still covered much of the area and Tony “what a guy ! ” carried his fiancee over the snowy and icy spots. When it was time to start shooting there was no hesitation in removing their winter coats even though it was pretty chilly along the water.

We spent lots of time walking and shooting on this waterfront trail and then onto the pier. We then headed over to the art gallery where Sue had a change of clothes and we photographed in the tropical garden. They are getting married September 4th, 2016 at Carmens.

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  • November 14, 2015

Hamilton Portrait and Wedding Photographer | Oz Photography

More and more couples are opting for a wedding based on a theme. Not a traditional wedding for sure and not for everyone. But if you are looking for something different in your wedding then this is something you might consider. Themed weddings have been around for a while but not to this extent. Having a garden wedding or destination wedding can be considered a wedding theme.

Today however wedding themes can include hollywood glamour, vineyards, harvests, christmas, camping, hiking, romantic themes like cinderella, mardi gras or medieval renaissance. The sky is the limit. Some people have been dreaming of what they want in a wedding since they were very small, and a wedding can be a chance to live out your most vivid childhood dreams. Maybe you want the wedding to be more traditional but the reception will be theme based with infused colors of the theme in the attire, cake and decorations.

Whatever your style whether elegant, sporty, romance or quirky, by deciding on a theme may even help a small budget become extra special and memorable!


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Hamilton Portrait and Wedding Photographer | Oz Photography

June 20th, 2015 a Saturday in Brant County Jessica and Alex were married. The ceremony was short with a full house but it was a very hot day. The church was full with the family and friends with the doors wide open to allow for ventilation.

Right after the ceremony the wedding couple was whisked away to the Whistling Gardens in Wilsonville a 30 minute drive from the church.

The weather started to turn with heavy rain and dark skies but cleared up to an overcast sky once we all arrived at the Whistling Gardens so the light was perfect for photography. The Whistling Gardens is host to many weddings and events.

The facility has a fountain show with music for groups. Jessica an office manager and Alex in manufacturing had a wonderful wedding day.

I wish them good luck on their new lives together.



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Hamilton Portrait and Wedding Photographer | Oz Photography

One of the things I like to ask is what do the wedding couple like to do together? I ask this to try and incorporate some aspect of this into their wedding photography.

This adds a special something that is unique to the couple and something they will remember years later.

Some of my couples will say we like to camp and go fishing so I will try to incorporate some aspect of camping into their photos.

This maybe their rings photographed on or next to a compass or a topographical map, canoe or whatever that may be. The photo below was from a request to see what the couple liked to do from an email I sent them. In this case it was to hop into their car and just drive for hours as their work schedules are very busy.

So I picked up a small toy car and printed a map from the area in which they live, placed their rings into the car and did some macro photography to convey what they liked to do. The couple thought this was “sensational”!


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Hamilton Portrait and Wedding Photographer | Oz Photography

Interested in a free engagement session? Every now and then Oz Photography offers to do engagement sessions for no charge during the months of June, July and August pending other bookings of course. This session will be for 1 hour and must be local. Your photos will be posted online at our website for viewing.  You agree however to purchase an 11×17 print of one of your photos at $45 All your photos will also be available for download. Call us soon as these free sessions are going fast!

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Hamilton Portrait and Wedding Photographer | Oz Photography

If you’re serious about connecting with clients then a business portrait is a must. A business portrait (also called an executive portrait or professional portrait) is generally a headshot (head and shoulders portrait). It’s similar to a typical portrait except you are buying the image to use for your business rather than buying a print to sit on your mantel.

You can put your portrait on your website, blog, business cards, and even advertising to give a face to your name or business. You can also put your business portrait on your resume when applying for jobs. These portraits are also perfect for social networking sites, press releases and company brochures. Men should wear a suit jacket, sweater or even a nice dress shirt. Women however should wear a blouse, pant suit or tailored jacket. Don’t wear short sleeve shirts for your portrait. Long sleeves are much more flattering on your arms then short. Your portrait photo can be taken in front of a neutral backdrop or in an office or other work area. Some retouching is done to correct those areas that need attention such as eyeglasses and its best to not wear too much jewelry. The photographer will always advise on wardrobe and the best location for your business portrait.

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Hamilton Portrait and Wedding Photographer | Oz Photography

Pantone, an X-Rite company and the global color authority, today announced PANTONE® 18-1438 Marsala, a naturally robust and earthy wine red, as the Color of the Year for 2015. Marsala was a hit on the Spring 2015 runways with fashion designers incorporting the hue into their collections.  The impactful, full-bodied qualities of Marsala make for an elegant statement color when the color is used on its own or as a compelling accent when paired with many other colors.

With the ever-growing popularity of floral prints and striping, variations of this hue will undoubtedly carry into men’s and women’s clothing throughout this year. Marsala is also a popular choice for weddings, bride’s maid dresses, jewelry and fashion accessories, including handbags.

The Knot said “even though dark red is usually associated with fall and winter weddings, Marsala is actually a very versatile wedding color when paired with complementary colors or neutrals. Marsala, blush and ivory is a classic and  pretty palette for any season or pair the color of the year with bright corals and oranges for a summery vibe. When it comes to wedding flowers, peonies and dahlias grow naturally in this dark red hue, and these big-headed blooms evoke a romantic quality”.

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Hamilton Portrait and Wedding Photographer | Oz Photography

Every month over a billion photographs are taken. Every 2 minutes we take more images than all of humanity took in the 1800’s.  The effect of this is that people are drowning in photos. The average person are actually losing touch with their photos.

Studies now say that there is something called “digital rot” where technology is moving at an enormous rate and that we are  losing touch with our photos and that these photographs will become a lost generation. With this lost generation of photos people will not be able to tell the stories of their lives that they wanted to.

We are story tellers by nature and if we can’t find our photos we get frustrated and tend to put it off any organization of the photos. Where are all your photos, are they in a shoe box, old computer, the cloud or on a disk somewhere, maybe on a  memory stick? Some of them may even be damaged and are in need of retouching? Are you completely overwhelmed with all of this?

Oz Photography will take and organize all your photos whether they are on film negatives, prints or digital. One of the best ways to organize them is a slideshow and is one of most popular ways of bringing all these photos together using music, special effects, and videos to tell your story from all your photographs. Whether you have wedding, family, friends, or business photographs we specialize in getting your photo life in order and ready to tell your stories.


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