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Image result for photography lessonsI have been involved with photography for a very long time and have been constantly learning about this field as technology changes. I voluntarily run a photo group DPI (Dundas Photography Initiative) in Dundas, Ontario. I do this as I wish to pass on my knowledge about photography to others who have the same passion as I. My passion is obviously portrait and wedding photography but I also like to teach the art of photography as well.

Most folks these days have a smart phone and just click a scene. However more and more people realize that to get into photography they will need more than what a phone will provide. Also it is not just about the type of camera to buy, the camera settings but also about the processing of those photos, like what type of software should I be using and how to I use it. Another term for this is called workflow.

I offer several options from basic or startup lessons to photography tours and workshops and consultations. All of these can be tailored to your specific needs. If you are not sure what you need I can help with an assessment. In home instruction is also available if you have a camera and some software and need to learn how to get started.

Yes there are photography courses at schools and online. However in my opinion the best way to learn is hands on with an instructor and out in the field actually doing it!


Mark Osborne – Portrait and Wedding Photographer

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