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Hamilton Portrait and Wedding Photographer | Oz Photography

2016Mar06_Sue_Tony-61Sue and Tony, well what can I say they are the most likable couple I have met. It was a treat to take their photos on a cold and windy day down at Spencer Smith Park in Burlington. It was high noon and the ducks and swans were out in full force. Snow still covered much of the area and Tony “what a guy ! ” carried his fiancee over the snowy and icy spots. When it was time to start shooting there was no hesitation in removing their winter coats even though it was pretty chilly along the water.

We spent lots of time walking and shooting on this waterfront trail and then onto the pier. We then headed over to the art gallery where Sue had a change of clothes and we photographed in the tropical garden. They are getting married September 4th, 2016 at Carmens.

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