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2016sep04_sue_tony-265September 4, 2016 Suellen and Tony were married at Carmens Banquet Center. The wedding was 12 hours in length starting from a downtown Hamilton hotel for Suellen and the girls and from a home in Burlington for Tony and the guys. This wedding required 2 photographers and while I photographed the girls getting ready my second photographer Christine photographed the guys.

Then it was on to Dundurn Castle to do all the photo shoots prior to the actual ceremony at Carmens. The day could not have been better, it was partly sunny and cool. At Dundurn Castle it was decided to do a reveal with Suellen and Tony. Each of them waited on each side of a park structure waiting in anticipation of seeing one another. As you can appreciate the emotions run high knowing the person you are marrying is on the other side of the wall!

As a wedding photographer this is one of the most important shots you cannot miss, the tears, joy, love and excitement all shown within a few seconds. The bridal party went wild when they embraced one another. As a wedding photographer you are also hit with delayed emotion after you have captured the shots. This is one reason why I love what I do and am grateful to be trusted as a part of theirs lives together.

Then it was off to do all the family photos, relatives from England and Africa attended this wedding and lots of friends, co-workers. As I mentioned the ceremony was at Carmens Banquet Center in Hamilton. One of the highlights of the evening were the African dancers,. They were incredible and had everyone in the room up on their feet dancing to the African drums.


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  • November 14, 2015

Hamilton Portrait and Wedding Photographer | Oz Photography

More and more couples are opting for a wedding based on a theme. Not a traditional wedding for sure and not for everyone. But if you are looking for something different in your wedding then this is something you might consider. Themed weddings have been around for a while but not to this extent. Having a garden wedding or destination wedding can be considered a wedding theme.

Today however wedding themes can include hollywood glamour, vineyards, harvests, christmas, camping, hiking, romantic themes like cinderella, mardi gras or medieval renaissance. The sky is the limit. Some people have been dreaming of what they want in a wedding since they were very small, and a wedding can be a chance to live out your most vivid childhood dreams. Maybe you want the wedding to be more traditional but the reception will be theme based with infused colors of the theme in the attire, cake and decorations.

Whatever your style whether elegant, sporty, romance or quirky, by deciding on a theme may even help a small budget become extra special and memorable!


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Hamilton Portrait and Wedding Photographer | Oz Photography

Interested in a free engagement session? Every now and then Oz Photography offers to do engagement sessions for no charge during the months of June, July and August pending other bookings of course. This session will be for 1 hour and must be local. Your photos will be posted online at our website for viewing.  You agree however to purchase an 11×17 print of one of your photos at $45 All your photos will also be available for download. Call us soon as these free sessions are going fast!

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Hamilton Portrait and Wedding Photographer | Oz Photography

Pantone, an X-Rite company and the global color authority, today announced PANTONE® 18-1438 Marsala, a naturally robust and earthy wine red, as the Color of the Year for 2015. Marsala was a hit on the Spring 2015 runways with fashion designers incorporting the hue into their collections.  The impactful, full-bodied qualities of Marsala make for an elegant statement color when the color is used on its own or as a compelling accent when paired with many other colors.

With the ever-growing popularity of floral prints and striping, variations of this hue will undoubtedly carry into men’s and women’s clothing throughout this year. Marsala is also a popular choice for weddings, bride’s maid dresses, jewelry and fashion accessories, including handbags.

The Knot said “even though dark red is usually associated with fall and winter weddings, Marsala is actually a very versatile wedding color when paired with complementary colors or neutrals. Marsala, blush and ivory is a classic and  pretty palette for any season or pair the color of the year with bright corals and oranges for a summery vibe. When it comes to wedding flowers, peonies and dahlias grow naturally in this dark red hue, and these big-headed blooms evoke a romantic quality”.

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  • February 21, 2015

Hamilton Portrait and Wedding Photographer | Oz Photography

One of the newest ideas about your wedding is to build your own wedding website. To build your website is easy and fun. It’s a great way to share all your planning in one convenient place for all your guests. While not for everyone these sites allow you to pick from a multitude of themes. There are plenty of photos beforehand including selfies, parties, family events the photos are endless.

You can also add photos to your wedding website from Facebook and Instagram with a few clicks. Doing a wedding website makes it easy for guests to send a RSVP and to find the perfect gift on your registry.

Your fiance may be looking for ways to get involved in the planning and this may be the ticket to keep him busy? The best things about these types of websites is that some of them are free to use!


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  • September 19, 2014

Hamilton Portrait and Wedding Photographer | Oz Photography

     Christan and Keith are both nurses from a very remote town in northern quebec which is where they met while working. They are avid outdoors folks who like to hike and love nature. The wedding venue was at the Ancaster Old Mill. The weather held and the ceremony was in the gardens near the creek.

When doing weddings I always ask what couples do for a living and try to use that in my photographs. A friend of mine who just retired as a paramedic loaned me a stethoscope which was perfect.  I used a stethoscope in 2 photographs as shown below.

They have left the remote village in northern Quebec and will be moving to Yellowknife in the North West Territories to continue nursing.

BLW2014Sep06_christina_keith_0444-1 wedding stethoscope









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  • September 15, 2014

Hamilton Portrait and Wedding Photographer | Oz Photography

     Lauren and Tristan were married Aug 1, 2014 at the Ancaster Old Mill. The couple are both teachers in Edmonton, Alberta. The had family here hence the location of the venue. They rented an old beautiful Bed and Breakfast in Dundas called the Osler House. They wanted a reveal so I suggested we do this on either side of the door which opens into the parlour. The photograph shows how successful this was and they both were very anxious and nervous to see one another.

Since both being teachers they wanted a school bus to pick up the guests and transfer them to the venue. The wedding party boarded the bus for photos and off they went to the Ancaster Old Mill. The ceremony was in the gardens down by the creek. The guys then insisted they wade into the creek for photos so off came the shoes and up went the pants! The day had great weather and the reception was superb.

wedding revealwedding kiss in school bus







wedding school bus









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  • September 8, 2014

Hamilton Portrait and Wedding Photographer | Oz Photography

wedding remote camera     As a Hamilton photographer many weddings these days at churches are very strict in where a wedding photographer can stand and take your photos. They also do not want any flash of any kind during the ceremony. This means many times that the photographer must take photos from the sidelines, aisle or from a balcony. The vast majority of wedding photographs are from those locations mentioned.

What happens though if you want close-up photos of those precious moments exchanging rings and lighting candles? Of course you can discuss your wishes with the officiant to see if photos can be taken from the altar.

My experience has been that this will likely not occur. However my wedding photography has started to deploy remote cameras.

This simply means that a remote camera is placed somewhere on or very near the altar.  Having the remote camera allows photographs to be taken from a very unique angle and is acceptable to some officiants.

This allows the wedding couple some unique photography from a point of view that many wedding photographers simply don’t obtain.


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Hamilton Portrait and Wedding Photographer | Oz Photography

     Feifei and Tudor were married Saturday June 14, 2014 at a friends house in Jerseyville, a part of Ancaster. It was a civil ceremony and was quite casual in nature with no wedding gown or tuxedo. The property was beautiful with rolling hills and a pond. A beautiful white tent with sky lights was erected on the property for dinner and dancing later. Food was catered and champagne was served to all the guests. It was a beautiful warm summer evening with no insects at all. A perfect ceremony and a perfect evening. The actual wedding will be 2 weeks later in Vancouver, British Columbia.










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Hamilton Portrait and Wedding Photographer | Oz Photography

     Carly and Brent were married on May 18, 2014  at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington Ontario with the reception at Carmens in Hamilton.  What a beautiful day, what a great couple. So much love in the air.

Carly looked absolutely gorgeous in her wedding dress and the brides maids were stunning in lilac dresses. Brent stood tall and handsome in his Kenneth Cole tuxedo wearing his wedding gift from Carly a pair of Oakley sunglasses.

The groomsmen sang and kidded their way through the preparation and following the ceremony saluted the bride and groom by taking out their silver flasks from their pockets and enjoying a swig of lemon rum.

The reception went perfectly with lots of guests, smiles, hugs and laughter followed by a great meal, speeches that brought tears to the eyes. The father and daughter dance started with a slow sentimental tune then broke out into “Love Shack” by the B-52’s a favorite song of theirs.

wedding bride at fountainbride and groom at gate












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