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Wow it’s been a while since I have posted to my blog, lots to talk about though. Portraits have been keeping me busy over the last year and some special projects for clients. Video has certainly been on the increase especially in the 4K arena. These videos take quite a bit of time to edit but at the end look awesome when viewed on a 4K television.

However some wedding clients are asking for this as part of the wedding package and some are asking for drone footage. I have not personally got into the drone area partly due to the restrictions now placed on operators of these drones. Examinations and Licenses are now required by the government in order to fly a drone. The vast majority of areas in Southern Ontario are restricted airspace. If you fly a drone in this area you risk heavy fines if caught. The rules surrounding the use of drones is getting stricter all the time.

The other time consuming aspect of my workflow is printing, I have spent quite a bit of time printing for clients in my lab. I sense this is because a lot of the typical places that folks get their prints are not happy with the quality. While I cannot compete with the prices, you only get what you pay for. One of the benefits of having your prints done by me is that I meticulously make sure that the color is corrected and the right profiles are used along with numerous other adjustments I make before sending it to the printer.

I have also been away on a trip to fulfill my photography passion in Peru, Bolivia and in the Amazon Rain Forest photographing the abundance of landscapes, wildlife and people of these areas. It was a long venture with 10 airline flights in total. Now that I have returned it’s back to what I love the most wedding and portrait photography other than my wife and family of course!

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Hamilton Wedding and Portrait Photography in Hamilton and Dundas


On Dec 8 at the Dundas Museum and on Dec 13 at the Wesley Urban Ministry Family Center in Hamilton, the Dundas Photography Initiative group came together to help those in need. Typically to have family portraits done is not something that everyone can afford. So based on a world wide event help-portrait.com we gather up all our expertise and equipment and set up studio locations at these two locations.

For the Dundas Museum we had cookies, cake, drinks and cider plus small gift baskets to hand out. We had a team that has now volunteered every year to do the hair and a makeup person for free. The hair stylists are from Putrone Salon

All the members of DPI pitched in from gathering props, posing the clients and taking the actual shots. We then gather all the photos and in the case of the Dundas Museum session we get them printed and deliver them for free.

As for the Wesley Urban Ministry we deliver the prints to the main office and the great folks there inform their clients their photos are ready for pickup. These events give the DPI members an opportunity to use studio lighting techniques, cameras and other equipment.

Many donations are given to allow the DPI to hold these events and many thanks to The Keeping Room, Optimist Club of Greensville, Darlyne and Jim Mills, Doug Edwards, Jane Snider, Councillor Arlene Vanderbeek and the Association of Dundas Churches. As a local wedding and portrait photographer I am proud to be part of this initiative.

dundas museum studio setup

wesley urban ministry studio setup

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Hamilton Portrait and Wedding Photographer | Oz Photography

On Dec 2, 2018 the Dundas Photography Initiative which meets monthly at the Dundas Museum held a Help Portrait session at the Museum. It involves many volunteers who raise funds from local businesses, provide baked goods and drinks to the less fortunate. The idea behind this world wide event is to take a portrait of an individual, or family and have the image printed and delivered to them free of charge.

Two large studios were constructed with lighting, backgrounds, props, including make-up artists and hair stylists. Each person arriving gets a drink and baked goods, their make-up is done if needed and then sent to the hair stylists before arriving in the studio. This event also allows other members of DPI to use equipment and learn about studio portraiture. Individuals and families are extremely appreciative of the efforts made.

The photographs are sent to a local lab to be printed and then our volunteers deliver the prints directly to their homes in a frame again donated by one of our DPI members. It takes a considerable effort to hold this event and my thanks go out to all the volunteers that help. We also appreciate the Dundas Museum for opening up on a Sunday free of charge for the event and are planning to continue this event in Dec 2019.


family portrait

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Hamilton Portrait and Wedding Photographer | Oz Photography

Dave and Katie were married at the Liuna Gardens in Stoney Creek on July 27, 2018. The venue Liuna Gardens I must say the day was the best day I have had in a number of years doing weddings. Katie arrived in an Uber with her bridesmaids and goofed around before entering the venue. The treed property itself is right on the lake with flowers and ornaments all around the grounds. The wedding ceremony was down a walkway right at the lakes edge.

The service staff and meal was terrific. This location is one of my favorite locations for photographing weddings. In the evening the Toronto skyline across the lake was illuminated and was amazing. During the evening photo session a fox would frequent the shoot and walk right behind the bride, not once but numerous times he would leave then return to see what all the fuss was about. I suspect this fox has a den in the area and frequents the waterfront here.

katie in wedding gown


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Hamilton Portrait and Wedding Photographer | Oz Photography

On June 30 Dave and Katie were excited to get their engagement photos done. If folks remember that day was extremely oppressive in terms of humidity and heat and southern ontario was under a heat warning. I packed up a cooler with drinks, ice, and snacks and headed out for their photos. The couple decided to that they needed a shady shoot so the edge of the escarpment was selected as a location. One of these photos was also going to be used in a canvas gallery wrap which would be displayed at the entrance to their wedding venue.

I initially met them at a coffee shop in burlington to discuss their plans and provided samples of photographs, wedding albums and canvas wraps to examine. They were impressed and decided to book with me. They were a great couple to work with, laughing and clowning around and we all had fun. It’s important that my clients feel that we accomplished everything they wanted in their engagement shoot.

dave and katie engagement on bridge

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Hamilton Portrait and Wedding Photographer | Oz Photography

how to work with your wedding photographer

 Weddings can be stressful enough without having to worry about your photographer. Most of the time a photographer has many variables in our heads. We have to think of things like exposure, lighting whether its day or night. When you hire a wedding photographer make sure you hire someone with good people skills. Excellent communication skills is vital in photographing a wedding. We need to take input from your wedding party and other family members and make sure you get the photos you need.

The goal here is to look for pictures that might not be high on your photographer’s priority list. For instance, your photographer might not know that a picture of your aunt and uncle dancing is important to you, and might not include them in the final edits. This process is helpful for the photographer, too.

We must be like a conductor to make sure that the photographs required all come together. My job as a wedding photographer is to build trust from the start. I try to use humour to make everyone feel at ease. I always strongly suggest that I sit down with you prior to the wedding to ensure the shots you want are communicated to me. Also in the era of Pinterest, social media, magazines brides will see ideas and please bring these requests to me. While I have great experience with poses there are always some shots that the wedding party have seen and desire. I also like to explain my workflow after the wedding to help you understand the work afterwards. In other words how I go about making my selects for you to review.

As a photographer, one of the things that concerns me is when I am shooting the bride during her triumphant walk down the aisle with her Dad, and I see a dozen bright screens of cell phones and a tablet or two leaning into the aisle to snap that personal photo for Instagram. These screens will not only be an ugly distraction in the peripheral of the photo and will make the photo look dated in the coming years, but most importantly, it takes away from the special moment of the bride walking towards her groom. If this is something that would bother you, ask the officiant to make an announcement right before the ceremony about the use of these devices during the procession and recession (also mentioning that the bride and groom have hired a wedding photographer for a reason, and for them to just relax, enjoy, and take the experience in with their eyes, not their phones.


Mark Osborne – Portrait and Wedding Photographer

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Hamilton Portrait and Wedding Photographer | Oz Photography

photography lessonsI have been involved with photography for a very long time and have been constantly learning about this field as technology changes. I voluntarily run a photo group DPI (Dundas Photography Initiative) in Dundas, Ontario. I do this as I wish to pass on my knowledge about photography to others who have the same passion as I. My passion is obviously portrait and wedding photography but I also like to teach the art of photography as well.

Most folks these days have a smart phone and just click a scene. However more and more people realize that to get into photography they will need more than what a phone will provide. Also it is not just about the type of camera to buy, the camera settings but also about the processing of those photos, like what type of software should I be using and how to I use it. Another term for this is called workflow.

I offer several options from basic or startup lessons to photography tours and workshops and consultations. All of these can be tailored to your specific needs. If you are not sure what you need I can help with an assessment. In home instruction is also available if you have a camera and some software and need to learn how to get started.

Yes there are photography courses at schools and online. However in my opinion the best way to learn is hands on with an instructor and out in the field actually doing it!


Mark Osborne – Portrait and Wedding Photographer

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Hamilton Portrait and Wedding Photographer | Oz Photography

tudor and fei_fei hamilton wedding photographyIn these times many couples are choosing to forgo the medium to large weddings. There are many reasons why this is so. One of the biggest reasons is cost. A recent BMO study found the typical wedding costs any where between $18,000 and $22,000 and even higher in some cases. The second reason is effort and there is a enormous effort in organizing your wedding, unless you are fortunate enough to hire a wedding planner. I have spoken to many couples and they prefer to put the extra finances needed for a wedding into either the honeymoon and/or real estate.

However they still plan to have a wedding  just a less costlier one. Typical weddings start at 8 hours and can reach up to 12 hours in length. The fact is there is more weddings now in the 4 to 6 hour range and even weddings at 2 hours in duration.  Some venues are offering discounts if the wedding is booked on a Friday or Sunday and I have received more bookings in this regard. Other venues such as a backyard or a restaurant setting are becoming more popular for smaller weddings.

Oz Photography however, does value the smaller wedding and we can offer an hourly rate or custom packages which can includes prints, canvas gallery wraps, albums, slideshows etc. We would be pleased to provide you with a quote regardless of the size of your wedding. We value you as a client in any situation and will provide the best professional photography services you deserve.


Mark Osborne Portrait and Wedding Photographer




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Hamilton Portrait and Wedding Photographer | Oz Photography

Updating your business portrait is important as it puts a personal touch to your business whether it be on your website, brochures or other visual media like social media. Why do you need a professional business headshot? People want to do business with people they they know, like and trust. Having a professional business head shot helps people feel like they know you before you’ve ever even met.

Everyone wants to put a name with a face. The photo below I took for this real estate couple which they use in every edition of the “Your Home & Lifestyle Magazine”. The head or shoulder shots can be done at my location or can be done at your place of business. We can incorporate your type of business into the photography whether that be real estate, medical, or what ever type of business you have!


business head shot

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Hamilton Portrait and Wedding Photographer | Oz Photography


event photography

Weddings as we all know are large events but we also do other event photography for our clients. We can provide photographic services to clients that hold any type of event. Just to name a few…

  • conferences
  • trade shows
  • retirement dinners
  • galas
  • corporate events

We can provide professional fusion slide shows, prints, website media, and also provide real-time photographs for your event. We have all the professional tools from backdrops to studio lighting that will make your event come alive ! Since each event is different please give us a call to discuss the event you are planning.


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