Shorter Weddings

Over the past year weddings either have been cancelled or shortened in time and size to comply with pandemic regulations. These weddings were ones that needed to be fulfilled for any of personal reasons, including financial reasons. There were often held outside with set backs for guests to maintain a safe distance. From a planning perspective they are easier on the pocketbook, planning and intimate reasons. Everyone in the wedding business is looking at being creative during these stressful time. […]

pandemic masks for wedding
pandemic masks for wedding

Photography Work Continues….

This first blog really is about the pandemic and the effect it has on wedding photography. Not sure about Canada but in the U.S the wedding business is a $73 billion industry according to the Washington Post

Over the past year weddings have been cancelled or downsized considerably. Venues have closed and the industry has basically closed shop all over the country. Most of my time has been building my new website.

The pandemic has at least provided extra time to brides still planning their wedding. Engagements are on the rise in preparation for the return to normal. The pandemic in some regards has strengthened the bond between couples. For others unfortunately it has become the reverse. Wedding, Portrait and Event Photographers are now just gearing up for the influx of bookings once the vaccine have taken hold across the country.

So in the meantime we all sit and wait for better days. We are on the horizon for the day when brides will start looking at wedding dresses and planning their perfect wedding!

Mark Osborne – Hamilton Wedding, Portrait and Event Photographer