before_after_joinedThe primary work of a photo retouching service or a photo editing service is to enhance photos. At the basic level it is about adjusting colors, white balance correction, etc increasing sharpness and contrast, brightening the images, etc

There are several types of photo retouching services that we offer:

Beauty retouching, also sometimes called online makeover or skin retouching is one of our most sought after photo editing services. It includes all the subtle retouch routines required to enhance the photographic appearance of the subject. We work on the skin, facial features, hair care, body shape correction, brightening of the teeth and eyes and improve the image overall.

However care must be taken not to over do it. In many magazines these days you will see retouching done on subjects which make them appear very plastic. The key in retouching is to make sure that a heavy hand is not used and the image is pleasing to the eye.