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Am I the right photographer for you?

You probably have started your search for your wedding photographer and have some ideas what you’re looking for. You need someone who is experienced in wedding photography and someone who fits into your budget. So let’s see how I can help.

There are basically two parts to this, the photo part and the non-photo part. Perhaps I am the perfect fit! And if not I can at least help you define what you want with your wedding photography.

You and your fiance are the stars of the show, but there is also a huge supporting cast behind you like your parents, family and friends. As a wedding photographer my job is create beautiful images of you and your fiance and the relationships between you and your family and friends. Capturing the emotions of the day is key to making your memories last year after year.

My photos will illicit emotions when you look at your wedding photos many years later. I like to photograph your wedding day with a formal, casual and candid format. I know what to look for and when. Of course this skill is based on experience over many years as a wedding photographer. I love to shoot in color as well as black and white which brings out an elegant look to the right photographs. Special effects also play a role for the right photograph. Again experience guides this process. I also produce amazing specialized slideshows with the music of your choice such as your first dance. These slideshows use special effects as well as some video and are very elegant in nature. You can see some of those here.

I get hired for my experience and work ethic but get referred to friends because of the images and service I provide to my clients. I will spend ample time with you going over the details of your day, such as timing, locations of the photos to name just a few. I very much enjoy these meetings with a coffee or tea to understand who you are and what you are seeking for your special day. I will also visit your venue and attend your rehearsal at no charge to meet your family and friends and get an understanding of your ceremony. I always abide by the directions of the officiant when using flash or other photo equipment. In tightly controlled ceremonies I will often deploy remote cameras as to not interfere with the sanctity of the ceremony.

I started my photography passion when my father raced his car at numerous race tracks, I used to run to all the corners to get the perfect shot as my father came by. I still have these photos from those family events. The interest in photography just grew from there. I have had so many cameras I have lost count. I keep current with technology and the latest techniques and attend many photography shows to watch the trends in the marketplace. I also do engagements, portraits and family photography. If the client wishes I can print these photographs in my own photo lab using the best in printing technology. This way I have complete control of the quality of the print to ensure it appears as I photographed it.

Mark is a member of the Photoshop Professionals Association, Latow Photographers Guild and Photographers without Borders. Mark volunteers and runs the Dundas Photography Initiative (DPI) where he helps the public understand photography. He lives in Dundas with his wife Shelley and his Golden Retriever Jax.

Cheers Mark Osborne

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